7 Best BuddyPress Themes For WordPress 2020

BuddyPress themes always enhance the quality of a particular website and eventually brings a massive number of visitors. In this article, we will be discussing about the best BuddyPress themes from BuddyBoss, and in doing so, we will also inform the readers about some standard features of BuddyPress themes.

Usually, users will find several options on the Internet, but all the alternatives are not good enough to create a top-class website. Therefore to help the readers in selecting the best options from the Internet, we will discuss about the top four BuddyPress Themes. 

Key Features Of BuddyPress Themes For WordPress

  • All the themes are WooCommerce ready. So users can easily set up an online store with the help of every BuddyBoss theme.
  • All BuddyBoss theme comes with a user-friendly interface so users can effortlessly use BuddyBoss themes even if they are using it for the first time.
  • All themes are mobile-responsive, and hence users can use it on different devices irrespective of the screen’s shape and size.
  • All themes follow WordPress and BuddyPress coding standards.
  • All themes are translation ready and come with RTL support.
  • BuddyBoss themes flawlessly integrate with the Lifter LMS and Learn dash plug-in. So users can easily create and manage online courses on their website by using all BuddyBoss themes.
  • All BuddyBoss themes are 100% SEO friendly.

Top 4 BuddyPress Themes From BuddyBoss


one social theme review

OneSocial is a top-quality BuddyBoss theme which is suitable for all type of communities. This BuddyBoss theme has a straightforward user-interface so users can effortlessly use this theme to create attractive websites. Moreover, OneSocial’s design works flawlessly with both simple and heavy customization, making it suitable for almost any project. It also comes with a one-click Installer option, which can easily clone the entire theme’s demo to the user’s server within few minutes.


  • OneSocial is 100% mobile responsive
  • It is a multi-lingual theme, so users can easily convert their website into different languages using this theme
  • It integrates flawlessly with the most popular, free social login plug-in present in the market
  • It helps users to manage layout, font colours, cover photos, and logos
  • This BuddyBoss theme also helps users to add custom codes easily
  • It flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce plug-in
  • This BuddyBoss theme comes with real-time notifications in the toolbar, showing users messages, friend requests, and more useful options without having to refresh the page


This BuddyBoss theme offers three license plans that range from $99 to $179

2.Boss 2.0

one social theme review

Boss is an excellent BuddyBoss theme which helps users to launch a world-class social network website. It offers several shortcodes so users can effortlessly create an attractive website even without any coding experience.


  • It comes with a visual customizer so users can easily customize this BuddyBoss theme according to their preferences and, most importantly, without any coding experience
  • This theme helps users to earn revenue as it flawlessly integrates with several popular monetization tools like the Paid Membership Pro plug-in
  • This theme supports multiple languages
  • It can easily be toggled to a boxed layout with centered content, which offers a more traditional design style
  • The Boss theme is highly responsive
  • It comes with a one-click installer with which users can easily clone Boss’s entire demo within their website in less than 15 minutes


Boss offers three different license plans that range from $129 to $229

3.Social Marketplace For WC Vendor

one social theme review

Social MarketPlace is a handy BuddyBoss theme that helps users to create their own online marketplace. By using this theme, users can give vendor rights to their selected customers only and can even restrict other members from selling a product without their approval. This BuddyBoss theme makes full advantage of WooCommerce and WC Vendors plug-in and eventually adds several elements within the website that creates a fantastic online MarketPlace.  It comes with a vendor dashboard from where user’s vendors can keep track of all their activities and eventually measure the performance of their shops. It allows user’s customers to track their orders and view their purchase history


  • This BuddyBoss theme allows customers to give feedback about their purchase via the Feedback page
  • Social MarketPlace comes with a favourite option, which allows the user’s customers to add their favourite products and stores to the favourite list so that afterward, they can quickly go back to their favourite stores
  • It comes with the “Ask a Question” feature through which customers can ask any questions about different products
  • Just like other BuddyBoss themes, the Social MarketPlace also supports different languages
  • This theme is 100% SEO friendly


Social MarketPlace provides three different license plan that ranges from $179 to $279

4.Social Learner For LearnDash

one social theme review

Social Learner is a fantastic BuddyBoss theme that can convert a particular website into an online social learning platform. It not only helps users to deliver online courses but also helps to increase the visitor’s engagement by providing powerful social features


  • It flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce so users can effortlessly sell courses from their website
  • This BuddyBoss theme flawlessly integrates with Learndash plug-in, so it offers powerful LMS features, including advanced quizzing feature, multi-tier courses feature, and assignment management feature, etc
  • Social Learner supports multiple languages so users can create courses comprising of several languages
  • Social Learner is an SEO friendly theme
  • It provides several shortcodes so users can add different components within their website without any coding experience


Social Learner offers three different license plans that range from $179 to $279

FAQs Related To BuddyPress Themes

What is the difference between BuddyPress and bbPress?

bbPress is a plugin with which you can create forums, while BuddyPress is a plugin used to create a complete social networking website like Facebook.

How do I use my WordPress theme with BuddyPress?

You don't have to worry as now a days with platforms like BuddyBoss you will get many amazing BuddyPress themes for WordPress.

Can you create a social networking site with WordPress?

Yes, with any of the Best BuddyPress themes you can actually create a social media website like Facebook. You just need to install theme and customize as per your need.

How do I install BuddyPress?

The way you install any other plugin in WordPress, you can install BuddyPress plugin for free. On top of that you can use any of these BuddyPress themes to create a solid online community.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best BuddyPress Theme For WordPress?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information about the top four BuddyBoss themes.

Moreover, we have also mentioned the standard features of the BuddyBoss theme in a separate section so that users can get a general idea about the BuddyBoss themes before going for a particular option according to their preferences.

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