Best Genesis Child Themes

Searching for most popular Genesis framework child themes or best StudioPress child themes 2019? Do you know that Studiopress always share their top 10 best selling themes every month? In this article, I will be sharing 20 of the best premium WordPress themes from Studiopress.

I will also talk about Genesis Themes’ pricing and how to get maximum discount on Genesis Framework themes. If you buy their Pro Plus package, you can seriously save more than $1200.

Whatever is your blogging niche like health & fitness, travel, real estate, cooking, make money tips you will find a StudioPress child theme powered by Genesis Framework.

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What is Genesis Framework Child Themes (Pricing & Review 2019)

While starting a blog, the biggest time taking task is to choose the best theme for your website. I think because your blog theme will tell everything about your passion, niche and most importantly your voice.

That’s the reason people generally spend more time or you can say invest more on WordPress themes until they get their beloved theme.

Do you want to save your time & get the best-recommended WordPress theme for your blog? Then you should not listen to others and simply explore the world of Studiopress themes, powered by Genesis Framework.

Why Choose Genesis Child Themes?

Genesis is the product of Copyblogger Media.

Genesis Framework is the most popular and SEO friendly template on which a developer can design any kind of fast loading, modern design website easily. But why do you want to hire a developer to customize your Genesis framework?

There are already many child themes created by some pro-Genesis developer and you can find them on Studiopress themes website and choose any one of them as per your blogging niche.

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But which genesis child theme will suit your blogging niche? How to choose the perfect genesis child theme for your blog?

Don’t worry as I have listed out the most selling as well as the most popular Studiopress child themes here and also tried to mention the blogging niche for which the theme will work best.

StudioPress Child Themes Features and Benefits

Let’s find out a few of the common features of Studiopress child themes and try to find out why people are so much crazy about genesis themes these days.

  • As Google is preferring only fast-loading sites for better ranking, Studiopress themes are the best ones as they are highly optimized for high page speed.
  • Every child theme is well-coded to make sure about the security
  • All genesis child themes are fully responsive HTML5 design for mobile users
  • Easy to customize theme settings, one can easily set up the basic SEO setting of any genesis theme.

Top 20 Genesis Framework Child Themes 2019 From StudioPress Themes

Before proceeding further, let me make it clear that the Genesis Framework is a must to have to activate any of these child themes. Whenever you try to buy any of the themes, you will find the combined price of the Genesis Framework + Child Theme.

Besides that, Studiopress also has a pro plus all-theme package which will provide you access to their entire theme collection for a lifetime with all future updates & support.

1. Foodie Pro Theme Review + Price

Do you have a plan to start a food blog in 2019? Then without any doubt, you can go for the Foodie Pro theme. In fact, there are already thousands of food blogs around the world running smoothly on this awesome theme. Although there are some alternatives to the Foodie Pro theme like Cookd Pro Theme, which is also from Studiopress only.

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2. Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Review + Price

Do you know Pat Flynn? If not then let me tell you that he is one of the renowned affiliate marketers who owns the website called Smart Passive Income,. Now, this Smart Passive Income Pro is a WordPress theme that resembles the design of Pat Flynn’s blog. So, if you want to start an affiliate website to make money online similar to Pat Flynn, then this is the best option for you.

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3. Executive Pro Theme Review + Price

As the name suggests, the Executive Pro theme will perfect for any business or any company display their projects to the world and gain business online. E.g. if you run a digital marketing agency, then you can easily showcase your services, clients worked with, display your product images, etc.

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4. Business Pro Theme Review + Price

This is one of the most popular business WordPress themes from Studiopress. This is a 3rd part child theme from SEO Themes, who has a very good reputation n in the market. Business Pro is designed to be simple yet flexible. It leverages the built-in core functionality of WordPress like custom logos, custom header videos and images, the new image and video widgets, featured images, and more. It is a smart choice for creative agencies, service providers of all shapes and sizes, and even brick-and-mortar businesses that want a contemporary look and feel online.

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5. Refined Pro Theme Review + Price

This is a theme that will perfectly suit an entrepreneur, who wants to build a timeless, classic brand online. Refined Pro theme can set up the perfect foundation for your online business. Refined Pro allows you to beautifully showcase your photography, your content, and your products—while maintaining a simple, yet elegant, look.

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6. Lifestyle Pro Theme Review + Price

Lifestyle Pro is a stylish, modern, magazine-style looking WordPress theme which will perfectly suit your multi-niche Adsense website. Lifestyle’s array of smart layouts and clean design options let you express yourself with articles, videos and everything in between while valuing your strong point of view.

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7. AgentPress Pro Theme Review + Price

AgentPress Pro theme is one of the perfect real estate WordPress themes. If you are a real estate agent and want to make your online presence for better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and smart listings then this is the best to start a real-estate blog in WordPress.

agentpress pro theme review
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8. Academy Pro Theme Review + Price

Looking for the best education WordPress theme? Then check out the Academy Pro theme from Studiopress. This is the theme for online course creators, membership site owners, and educational content marketers. Showcase your authority, get more email opt-ins, and promote the benefits of learning from you.

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9. Wellness Pro Theme Review + Price

Do you focus on mindful living? Your attention to health and well-being can now extend to your website. Wellness Pro is here to offer a holistic theme solution for your Genesis-powered site.

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10. Authority Pro Theme Review + Price

Authority Pro perfectly highlights your knowledge, years of experience, and acquired wisdom. Even if it’s early in your journey toward building expertise and trust, this carefully-constructed design will accelerate how quickly your audience grows.

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11. Infinity Pro Theme Review + Price

Looking for a stylish, WooCommerce & modern design WordPress theme? Then Studiopress Infinity Pro theme will perfectly meet with your expectations as you can easily elevate your brand and grow your business digitally. It’s an elegant, responsive way to introduce your online presence. With all of the options we’ve packed into Infinity Pro to customize your customer’s experience, it’s also one of the most flexible StudioPress theme releases to date.

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12. Magazine Pro Theme Review + Price

Put yourself on the front lines of online publishing with the up-to-the-minute, high-gloss look and feel of the Magazine theme. Your online features never looked better than with the versatile layouts and media-ready design of the Magazine theme. A stylish frame speaks volumes about the publisher.

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13. Modern Studio Pro Theme Review + Price

Looking for the best WordPress theme for showcasing images? Then check out the Modern Studio pro theme where you can freely display your images without worrying about their quality & size and simply the draw attention of your visitors to spend more time on your blog. For designers, highlighting imagery is the most important function a website can perform. Modern Studio does this by cutting back on the clutter and color so that it’s your shutter and colors doing all the work.

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14. Author Pro Theme Review + Price

Are you are a writer and want to showcase your books on a blog? Then why don’t you start a blog the with Author Pro theme and start displaying your books online with various categories. Author Pro is a very popular Genesis child theme, mainly designed for book writers, novelist and professional authors who have already released their books in the market. 

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15. Showcase Pro Theme Review + Price

Prepare for the attention you’ll get, because all eyes will be on your website when you use the Showcase Pro theme. Exhibit your best images and content with a theme that displays them a with clean, bright style.

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16. Metro Pro Theme Review + Price

Searching for a modern magazine-style WordPress theme? Check out the Modern Pro Theme which is one of the old Studiopress child themes and perfectly suit for bloggers who want to make a fast loading affiliate site. This theme is perfectly optimized for the mobile responsive platform.

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17. Monochrome Pro Theme Review + Price

Want a website that’s substantial but simple? With Monochrome Pro theme you can easily build a website combination of white space and typography with minimal design. If having a visually strong digital presence and an easy-to-use site are equally important to you, then Monochrome Pro is the Genesis-powered theme you’ve been waiting for.

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18. News Pro Theme Review + Price

Want to start a new blog and make money the from Google Adsense program? Well, news websites are very difficult to maintain, but very profitable if you have a team and good looking powerful themes like News Pro Theme. Simply categorize your various niches and showcase them to your reader beautifully.

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19. Parallax Pro Theme Review + Price

Want to create a website where you can scroll down and changes the images accordingly? Yes, this is the concept of the latest parallax effect in web design. Studiopress has come up with a child theme called Parallax pro theme with which you can easily build such websites in minutes. This kind of sites is mainly good for companies that provide online services like digital marketing, SEO services etc.

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20. Altitude Pro Theme Review + Price

The parallax effects will grab your eye, but it’s the features and flexibility that will move your mind. Altitude Pro is a theme with a purpose, and that purpose is to take you and your online business higher.

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Conclusion – Which one is the best Genesis Framework Child Theme of 2019

Do you think there will be a straightforward answer to this question? I don’t think so as this will totally depend upon what is your website’s niche. If you have multiple websites, then I would recommend you to go for the Pro plus pack.

You can choose any theme from this list of best Genesis Framework Child Themes 2019, but better to match the blogging niche before buying anyone of them. In fact, you can also do more customization using in-built settings or by hiring a genesis developer to look different.