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StudioPress Themes Review 2020

studiopress theme review

Which WordPress theme provider creates SEO friendly, mobile responsive & the best fast loading theme in 2020? The answer is very simple, it’s StudioPress Themes. It is powered by Genesis Framework, so the ultimate WordPress theme framework trusted by every WordPress Experts. 

In this StudioPress themes review, I will share every single aspect of StudioPress themes and how they become the #1 WordPress theme providers in this competitive market. You don’t have to trust my words blindly, I will share a lot of proofs and screenshots to explain why StudioPress is the best place to find a quality WordPress theme for your blog. A quick Review of StudioPress Themes Pros Cons:


  • Genesis Framework is the most popular SEO friendly themes.
  • All StudioPress themes are built on the Genesis Framework, means SEO friendly.
  • All themes are mobile responsive, HTML5 ready (as per modern web design)
  • Coding is very much optimized and validated by WordPress security expert Mark Jaquith
  • You can customize any theme using a lot of Genesis Free Plugins
  • Their support is simply awesome. You will find a huge community around Genesis. Many developers are running their theme development business using Genesis Framework.
  • WPEngine has acquired StudioPress. That means if you buy WPEngine, you will get all StudioPress themes & lifetime support for free.
  • As a StudioPress customer, you will always get an extra 25% discount on your next theme purchase.
  • If you want to buy all the StudioPress themes, then buy their Pro Plus Package. Right now they are offering a $100 discount on that package. It will cost you only $399(Approx).


  • You may find these themes little different, compared to Themeforest. Look wise StudioPress themes are quite simple & elegant. So, if your niche support that then only you can go for StudioPress themes.
  • Less freedom of customization compared to GeneratePress & WP Astra pro etc.
  • Costly compared to other popular theme packs. E.g. ElegantThemes lifetime package will cost you only $199, after activating 20% OFF Elegant Themes Discount.
  • Lots of elements for long pages


StudioPress themes are powered by Genesis Framework which costs around $59 for lifetime. On top of them whatever child theme you buy, you have to pay additional charges as per the theme. I have created a list of Best genesis Child Themes for bloggers.

Who Said StudioPress Is The #1 WordPress Theme Providers?

StudioPress Themes are dominating when we talk about a few niches like food blogs, travel blogs, health niche, interior design, real estate, education niche and many more. If you think I am talking without any proof or base, then let me share some social proofs.

Before that, WPEngine has recently acquired StudioPress themes and started offering its entire theme package as FREE with every WPEngine subscription. WPEngine is a very reputed managed hosting company and when they acquire a company they will make sure they did the best.

How do you check which WordPress theme any website is using? There are a couple of such websites and I am sharing the top themes found after people went for many searches on their websites.

Top WordPress Theme Providers in 2020

You can see that in all the websites below, StudioPress Themes or Genesis Framework is a very popular and trustable name in the world of WordPress themes. You will find a lot of positive reviews of StudioPress themes. 

1. WP Theme Detector (


2. ScanWP (

You can see that Divi Theme is #1 here and StudioPress is on 2nd position. You can read the detailed Divi Theme Review also, if you are looking for a good WordPress theme builder.


3. What WP Theme Is That (


7 Reasons Why StudioPress Themes Are Best For Your Blog.

Studiopress Themes has come a long way and you will simply understand their journey when you come to know that so far almost 2,00,000 websites are running on Genesis Framework powered by Studiopress child themes. I think this is enough to explain why to choose Studiopress themes.

As I said, it is a very big community and lots of developers are creating quality themes every month and enriching the list of Best StudioPress Themes. Here are 7 awesome reasons why you must use a Genesis Child Theme for your blog.

studiopress reviews 4

1. SEO Optimized, Technical error-free code

Do you know that technical errors & less optimized coding are crucial factors to decide whether your website is SEO optimized or not? Whatever SEO settings you do, if these 2 are not up to the mark your website will never be able to get the best result.

Genesis Framework is highly optimized in these 2 areas. They have their own SEO settings which are very easy to set up. On top of that just install an SEO Plugin like Rank Math SEO Plugin and start writing highly SEO optimize blog posts.

2. Gutenberg Ready

Genesis Child themes are Gutenberg ready. When you buy any theme from StudioPress themes, you have to install Genesis Framework first and then the new theme you bought. As soon as you set up your WordPress site Genesis you will find awesome options on WordPress editor.

What exactly it means by Gutenberg Ready? Its actually, Genesis and the StudioPress themes are compatible with the Gutenberg editor.

studiopress reviews 3

3. Mobile responsive design

Every single genesis theme from StudioPress themes is highly optimized for mobile devices. We all know that mobile responsiveness is the key to get a better user experience. And that’s where StudioPress themes will impress you.

4. Use on Unlimited Websites + Unlimited Updates

Yes, you can use Genesis Themes on any website after purchase. You don’t have to apply any license key or developer access or agency access. It’s very simple, just pay the amount for once and then use that theme on any number of websites. You will get updates until this company exists on earth.

E.g. If you buy GeneratePress theme you have can only use the theme with a valid license for 1 year. After that, you have to renew your license to get further updates.

studiopress reviews 2

5. Highly Secure

Security is the most concerned area for online business owners. That’s I simply not recommend a free theme. As you never know due to any bug in the code, your entire website can be compromised. That’s where StudioPress themes are best. Their developers are highly skilled and continuously monitoring & updating themes with regular fixes to improve security.

We brought security expert and core WordPress developer Mark Jaquith in to make sure the Genesis Framework has the best security possible. With his guidance, we built our framework to follow all WordPress security best practices.

6. Fast loading & lightweight

As their code is highly optimized, it will load faster compared to other themes. E.g. if you buy a heavy features theme from ThemeForest or TemplateMonster, you will find a stunning look. But they also consume a huge resource which will make sure your website will become slow. In that case, you might have to hire a WordPress speed optimization expert and pay him huge money. With every StudioPress theme, you can stay tension free when we talk about website speed.

studiopress reviews 1

7. Customize Easily Using Many Genesis Plugins

Genesis Themes are loaded with many easy to customize features. Even if that is not enough, you will find a huge collection of FREE plugins with which you can easily transform any design.

Which Studiopress Theme Should I Pick For My Blog

As I said, Studiopress is nothing but a premium WordPress theme marketplace where you will find almost all industry popular WordPress themes for almost any blogging niche.

I have already shared an article on how to install Genesis child theme. You can easily follow the guide first and go for the theme purchase so that you can set up your new theme smoothly.

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package Review

What is StudioPress Pro Plus package? This is the ultimate WordPress theme bundle or you can say the best WordPress theme package mainly for affiliate marketer & WordPress theme designers who can get access to entire StudioPress theme collection by paying a one-time fee.

Typically, if you buy any child theme + Genesis Framework if will cost you almost $100 or even more. E.g. If you go for Academy Pro + Genesis Framework, it will cost you $129. E.g. I have shared the review of Navigation Pro theme which you can purchase by paying $129.95. But if you want to access all StudioPress themes, then you have to buy their Genesis Pro Plus Package.

navigation pro pricing

navigation pro pricing

But this Pro Plus package will cost you only $499, where you will get access to all the Studiopress child themes and lifetime updates. Occasionally you will get StudioPress Pro Plus Discount offers where you can save up to $100. Keep a track of our website for all future Genesis Promotional updates.

Here is everything you get with Genesis Pro Plus:

  • All current StudioPress themes — there are 35 as of today
  • All future StudioPress themes — two fantastic new ones were recently released (see below), and others are already in development
  • All current and future third-party themes that we add to Pro Plus — there are 25 currently, with more on the way
  • All design, security, and functionality updates to the Genesis Framework
  • Plus support for all themes from our amazing support staff (Note: we support StudioPress themes, while the third-party developers support their themes.)

You get all of that, beginning as soon as you purchase Pro Plus and lasting for as long as you keep your account. No more payments (ever) — just unlimited access to our themes and updates. This is one of the best WordPress Theme Bundles to save a lot of money.

Click here to claim your big discount on Pro Plus Pack right now.

Conclusion: Studiopress Themes Review 2020 (Best WordPress Theme Marketplace)

So, is StudioPress themes, meet your expectations? I know there is a huge fan following for StudioPress child themes and for them, there are many reasons to fall in love with any Genesis child themes.

There is no doubt that StudioPress themes are really powerful themes to give your website the desired look & feel with the fast loading presence.  You can choose the best theme as per your blogging niche without any hesitation.

But looking for StudioPress themes alternatives, then here are few options.

  1. Elegant Themes
  2. Astra Pro Bundle
  3. MyThemeShop Themes

So, if you want to create a fast loading elegant design website then StudioPress themes are very good alternatives for you. That's all in this StudioPress review, if you have further questions then feel free to write a comment below. Keep a track of our website for more updates on WordPress themes and Theme builders.

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