Thrive Themes Affiliate Review 2020: How Much You Can Earn?

In this article, we will discuss the Thrive Themes Affiliate program & show you how much you can earn using this awesome Affiliate program. Nowadays many people earn a lot of money by doing Affiliate marketing. So Thrive Themes brings a great opportunity as the affiliate programs of Thrive Themes helps to earn recurring commissions.

Before proceeding further, just want to share the screenshot of my Thrive Themes Affiliate Dashboard where I have shared how much money I made using the Thrive Themes Affiliate program.

thrive themes affiliate income

Thrive Theme Affiliate Program: Why You Must Join?

There are many affiliate networks to join and promote. But Thrive Themes Affiliate program is something special. Here are some amazing reasons you will find to promote Thrive Themes to make money from Affiliate program.

Very Popular Brand: When we talk about creating a conversion-optimized WordPress website, Thrive Themes is the only name comes into your mind. As they have some amazing collection of tools & theme builders. So, it’s easy to promote their products. They have some amazing products that you can’t avoid to get success in affiliate marketing.

  • Thrive Theme Builder – #1 Best WordPress Theme Builder
  • Thrive Architect – #1 WordPress Page Builder
  • Thrive Leads – #1 List Building Plugin For WordPress
  • Thrive Ovation – #1 Testimonial Plugin For WordPress
  • Thrive Ultimatum – # Scarcity Marketing Tool
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer – #1 Blog Post Title Generator
  • Thrive Clever Widgets – #1 Plugin To Show Relevant WordPress Widgets
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – #1 Quiz Plugin For WordPress
  • Thrive Comments – #1 Comment Plugin For WordPress
  • Thrive Optimize – #1 A/B Testing Tool For WordPress

Affiliate Support: Got any questions, doubts, suggestions, or just anything to share? Thrive Themes pay special attention to our affiliates with a support system always at your service.

Promotion Materials: You will get lots of banners & ready to use custom links to promote their different products through your website or YouTube channel.

Huge Commission: You will earn a 35% commission for every sale and 25% recurring commission if you can sell Thrive Membership Plan.

thrive themes affiliate commission rates

Analytics: Easily track all the sales and pending commissions using their affiliate tracking system.

thrive themes commissions pending for approval

VIP affiliates: Are you a big player? Thrive Themes Affiliate pay close attention to our affiliates and the best-performing ones are invited to our private Slack channel.

Low Payment Threshold: There’s no trick. As soon as your commissions reach 20 USD, You will get your hard-earned money via PayPal. No gift cards, coupons, discounts.

How To Become Thrive Themes Affiliate?

It’s quite to join the Thrive Themes Affiliate program. Yes, like any other program they have a simple way to create an affiliate account. Just follow the steps to Sign Up with Thrive Themes Affiliate Program.

You have to Click This Link to open the Thrive Affiliate Quiz. Yes, you have to answer a few questions on Thrive Themes and according to the answers only they will decide to approve your affiliate account. It will take around 72 hours to get approval if they find your answers worthy.

thrive themes affiliate quiz

Make sure to Accept their Terms and Conditions. They are very strict on their affiliate program and never allowed any kind of misuse or promotional activities beyond their approval.

FAQs: Thrive Themes Affiliate

How long will it take to get the Thrive Themes affiliate application reviewed?

Generally, the application will be reviewed within an hour, but in certain special circumstances, it can take as long as seven business days.

What is the Cookie duration in the Thrive Themes Affiliate Program?

Thrive Themes Affiliate programs comes with a cookie duration of 2 years. As a result of this feature, a user gets the commission within the two years if a person referred by the user purchases Thrive Themes within those two years.

How are payments made?

There is only one payment method in the Thrive Themes Affiliate program, which is PayPal. So the money is sent directly to the PayPal email address that users have initially used to sign up.

Can a user purchase Thrive Theme through his/her own affiliate link?

No, users should not purchase Thrive Themes from their own affiliate link as they will not get their commissions. Moreover, sometimes users may be permanently banned from the affiliate program if they try to purchase the Thrive Themes product from their own affiliate link.

Conclusion: Is Thrive Themes Affiliate Program Worth?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given essential information about the Affiliate Programs of Thrive Themes. Finally, at the end of this article, we can say that every Thrive Themes user must definitely try out the Thrive Themes affiliate program as they can earn high commissions from it.

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