Thrive Themes Review 2020: Is Thrive Themes Worth It?

Thrive Themes never offer any promo code or sale for their customers. But they have a clear & straightforward discount policy like if you buy multiple licenses for the same product, then only you will get the official Thrive Themes discount.

But if you check Thrive Themes pricing details, you will find that on annual subscription plans they do offer a 24% discount. This is the only Thrive Themes membership discount they offer. You will get access to every single product to create a conversion-optimized affiliate website.

Thrive Theme Builder Is Launched (Get membership Now)

Finally, Thrive Theme Builder has launched, this is not just a WordPress theme or a Theme Builder. It is a complete WordPress theme with an integrated Theme Builder powered by Thrive Architect. Thrive Theme Builder Lets You Visually Design & Build Your Perfect WordPress Theme. Keep a track for a detailed Thrive Theme Builder review on this website soon.

Thrive Theme builder

Right now they have launched a new Theme for Thrive Theme Builder. It is called ShapeShift. Seems like more such themes are going to be launched soon so that one can easily use the readymade templates and design a complete website in just a few minutes.

List of Thrive Themes Products 2020

Get Serious with Your Business – Only $19/mo to Join our 16,155+ Thrive Member Community. And you will get access to all the premium tools mentioned below.

Thrive Themes Products

Best For


thrive themes builder

Best Theme Builder For WordPress

Thrive Themes Themes

Best Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

thrive architect logo

Best Visual Page Builder for WordPress

Thrive Leads logo horizontal

Best Lead Generation Tool For WordPress

Thrive Quiz Builder Logo Horizontal

Best Quiz Builder Plugin For WordPress

Thrive Ultimatum Logo Horizontal

Best Scarcity Marketing Tool For WordPress

thrive comments coupon

Best WordPress Comments Plugin

Thrive Clever Widgets Logo Horizontal

Show widgets based on categories,post and tags

thrive apprentice logo

Best Online Course Creation Plugin For WordPress

Thrive Headline Optimizer Logo Horizontal

Cheap A/B Title testing

Thrive Ovation Logo Horizontal

Best Testimonial Plugin For WordPress

Why is everyone talking about Thrive Themes these days? I think the simplest answer would be, they provide everything to set up your website and start making money from the same.

thrive themes membership pricing

Disclaimer: Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any discount or coupon or Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. Generally, you can save on Thrive themes products when you go for higher subscription packages (up to 85% Off) or Thrive membership subscription (up to 24% off). They believe in fair pricing for every user throughout the year. 

Save Big Without Thrive Themes Discount on Multiple Licenses

Yes, thrive themes have a wide range of products and which will make sure that you don’t have to look for any other WordPress plugin or tool to create a conversion-optimized affiliate site in 2019. Even if their name suggests only themes, you will be surprised to find almost every blogging tool a marketer needs to create a profitable website.

Official Discount: Save $700 with Thrive membership discount

thrive themes review discount

You can go to either a quarterly plan or an annual billing plan. But in case of an annual billing plan, you will get an overall 24% Thrive Themes Discount on total cost, compared to quarterly billing.

Thrive Membership

For individuals & Entrepreneurs




  • Paid Annually (24% OFF)
  • Use all plugins & themes on 25 of your own websites.
Agency Membership

For Agencies & Web Designers




  • Paid Annually (24% OFF)
  • Use all plugins & themes on 50 of your sites and clients’ websites.
Thrive Themes Money-Back Guarantee

Note: If you want to cancel a thrive membership, then you can do it anytime. But remember that you will only get a refund if you cancel within 30 days of purchase. Read the thrive themes terms & conditions carefully before proceeding, if you have any doubt regarding the purchase.

What is the best premium WordPress theme to start a blog? These days everyone is talking about conversion-focused WordPress themes, is Thrive Themes is the ultimate destination? But, if you are looking for the best Genesis framework alternatives, then Thrive Themes should be your choice.

You can find various comparisons like thrive themes vs Genesis framework, Divi vs Thrive themes and many more. You can find many advantages of Thrive Themes if you compare their features.

In this article, I will be talking about the Thrive Themes review, what is conversion optimized WordPress theme and why Thrive Themes is one of the preferred themes for most of the affiliate marketers in 2020.

I think everyone is interested to know which WordPress theme is used by my competitor to attract visitors. And the problem here is the number of options you have and how to choose the best WordPress theme for your website or blog.

A professionally look theme with attractive features is a must need for today’s internet marketing business, especially when people are making money from their website through affiliate marketing or by selling products.

About The Company – Thrive Themes

Even though you are using a premium theme, it also matters how you are representing your content to the user and how much interactive & capable your content is to make sell out of it. There are various premium plugins with which one can achieve many such features.

But what if today I share one single provider to resolve your entire problems by providing one of the best WordPress themes with fast loading, SEO optimized and solid look with lead generation features, content builder integrated and many more.

Here is Thrive themes, a single solution for every internet marketer who loves to make money online through affiliate marketing or you can say content marketing.

Thrive Themes is the most advanced, yet, simple-to-use WordPress suite of website tools. We create truly conversion-optimized plugins and themes to give a real boost to your business.

Their tagline is :

We don’t just sell products. We sell experiences.

Thrive Themes was founded in early 2013 by the ideal match: marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech fanatic Paul McCarthy. But their journeys before they met weren’t always ideal.

Thrive Themes Online Reviews

Thrive Themes Review 2020 – Why the Rise of Thrive Themes?

Blogging is no more just a hobby and when you are running your online business, there have some standards to showcase. When I started blogging, I used to change my WordPress theme every week to get a satisfactory one from thousands of free WordPress themes.

But later came to know about the importance of premium WordPress themes over free themes and moved to the Genesis framework. It was an awesome journey to date and I am still continuing the same.

But gradually I found that my competitors are focusing more on the presentation of content with many interactive features, using various email list building techniques etc.

In such a scenario, there is only one option left and that goes for more premium plugins to get them achieved. But in the back of my mind, I was also thinking that using too many plugins may reduce the performance of my website too.

Then one fine day I have discovered thrive themes and their package where one can do almost everything without depending on any other plugins.

So far I used Studiopress Themes, Mythemeshop themes, HappyTheme etc. But none of them are equipped with so many things in a single theme.

Key Highlights of Thrive Themes

So, want to know how a thrive theme will solve all your problems by providing many features? Here are the key things you will be able to do with the thrive themes membership plan.

  • Build a High Converting Website With Thrive Themes
  • Create Beautiful Opt-in Forms Grow Your List FASTER With Thrive Leads
  • Create Amazing Content Easily with thrive builder
  • Build Conversion Boosting Scarcity Campaigns with Thrive Ultimatum
  • Publish Ready-Made Landing Pages on Your WordPress Site
  • Produce Your Most Engaging Content With Thrive Headline Optimizer
  • Create Targeted Widget Content With Clever Widgets
  • Gather Highly Persuasive Testimonials & Add Social Proof to Your Pages

Thrive Themes Pricing & Discount 2020 – Does It Really Exist?

If you search for Thrive Themes discount 2019, you may find many websites offering such discounts and coupon codes. But, be informed that, Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any discount or coupon code. So, any such offers and claims are simply misleading.

However, they do offer an official Thrive Themes discount of 24% on the Thrive Membership plan (annual purchase).

Disclaimer: Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any discount or coupon or Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. Generally, you can save on Thrivethemes products when you go for higher subscription packages (up to 85% Off) or Thrive membership subscription (up to 24% off). They believe in fair pricing for every user throughout the year. 

You may find Thrive Themes is not just a simple WordPress theme provider. They are a complete package where you will find every kind of product to set up your online business. Here is the list of products with maximum discounts, you will find in their membership package on a monthly billing plan / annual billing plan.

Thrive WordPress Theme Pricing 2020 [Discountinued]

Looking for conversion-focused WordPress themes? You will find 10 such thrive themes templates to choose from as per your blogging niche. I am using the Focus Blog theme on this website and also one of my newly started amazon affiliate sites. In fact, you can check out the list of best Amazon affiliate WordPress theme list.

  • Rise – Clean layout and elegant design
  • Storied – A flexible and eye-catching blogging theme
  • Pressive – Best theme for creating marketing websites
  • Performag – Best magazine theme
  • Voice – Best theme for blogging, podcasting
  • Squared – A flat design multi-purpose theme
  • Minus – A beautifully minimal theme
  • Ignition – Create an awesome looking sales page
  • Luxe – The silky-smooth and luxurious design
  • Focus Blog – Simple, professional and elegant

So, what is the deal here for Thrive Themes?

You can buy any theme from Thrive themes by paying $49 only. But you will have a limitation of a single website. That’s why I have purchased $67 only so that I can use focus blog theme for unlimited websites.

Because I hate to use nulled versions or pirated WordPress themes. You can easily follow the Thrive Themes blog and learn from their tutorials about how to customize thrive themes. In fact, thrive themes are now WooCommerce supported as well.

Thrive Ovation Pricing & Review 2020

This is a testimonial plugin which will make sure you are getting enough attention and appraisal form your visitor for your hard work automatically. According to VWO, testimonials can boost conversions by 34%… So why aren’t you using them?

Now easily manage your testimonials in case you are selling different products or services from your website using the testimonial tags and showcase accordingly. Testimonials are very important to get success in the online marketing industry.

So, what’s the deal on Thrive Ovation? Here it goes…

  • 1 License @ $39 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $47 ($195) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $97 ($585) [can be used for 15 website only]

Thrive Ultimatum Pricing & Review 2020

Heard about scarcity marketing? Have you noticed the awesome timers on many websites that will tell you that some flash sales or the deal is going to live in the next few hours? Or some discount is going to end in the next few hours?

How to showcase such an awesome looking timer on your website to increase the CTR and affiliate sale? The simple answer is Thrive Ultimatum. Here are a few of the key powerful features of this product.

  • Countdown timer designs that actually look good.
  • Change content based on time.
  • Pre-built campaign templates.
  • Countdown timers that follow visitors around.
  • Lockdown feature. Build special links for exclusive scarcity deals.
  • Change functionality on conversion.

So, what’s the deal on Thrive Ultimatum? Here it goes…

  • 1 License @ $97 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $147 ($485) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $399 ($1455) [can be used for 15 website only]

Thrive Architect Pricing & Review 2020

Now, this is the most interesting and revolutionary product they have built named, thrive themes architect (formally content builder). You might have used to the typical and boring WordPress editor and not happy with available editors to bring more features.

In that case thrive architect is the complete solution which will give you access to huge resources like shortcodes, formatting and many more staff with which you can easily make boring content much more appealing and converting. Use their collection of thrive architect landing page templates, thrive themes page templates to create pages instantly.

When you are writing for making money through affiliate marketing, writing appealing and conversion oriented content is a must. And to do that, thrive content builder has no alternative. There are many pro bloggers who have shared some awesome thrive architect reviews and also feedbacks. You hardly get any thrive architect not loading issues as this tool is highly optimized and hardly impact page loading.

So, what’s the deal on Thrive Architect price? Here it goes…

  • 1 License @ $67 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $97 ($335) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $147 ($1005) [can be used for 15 website only]

Thrive Headline Optimizer Pricing & Review 2020

We all know the importance or significance of headlines of every article we write. In fact, your title will decide whether the user is going to click on your article or not from the competition of millions of websites.

So, how to create a catchy headline that will attract users to click and increase your CTR. You have to increase your CTR to make your content marketing campaign successful and that is the ultimate challenge.

But with Thrive Headline Optimizer one can easily create the best, most click-worthy headlines to sky-rocket the engagement on your website and lower your bounce rate.

So, what’s the deal on Thrive headline optimizer? Here it goes…

  • 1 License @ $67 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $97 ($335) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $147 ($1005) [can be used for 15 website only]

Thrive Landing Pages Pricing & Review 2020

Now landing pages no surprise anymore and we all know how a good quality landing page can make your products sell at rocket high in small time. But how to build a high converting landing page?

Generally, there are dedicated tools to build a landing page worth product promotion, but with a thrive landing page you can easily make your first landing page without investing for an additional WordPress plugin.

So, what’s the deal on Thrive Landing pages? Here it goes…

  • 1 License @ $67 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $97 ($335) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $147 ($1005) [can be used for 15 website only]

Thrive Leads Pricing & Review 2020

Leads are another crucial part of affiliate marketing. When I have shared OptinMonster as one of the best email list builders, thrive themes are smarter as they have launched their own email list builder and included the same with a thrive theme membership package with affordable pricing.

Although OptinMonster has more attractive features, as a beginner it is really good to get the entire package of themes, lead generation and other tools together.

Use the thrive leads price to put attractive email subscription forms and attractive opt-in forms to build your email list. Using an email list opt-in is a must for these days to collect users’ email id by offering something free.

  • 1 License @ $67 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $97 ($335) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $147 ($1005) [can be used for 15 website only]

Thrive Clever Widgets Price & Review 2020

  • 1 License @ $39 [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $47 ($195) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $97 ($585) [can be used for 15 website only]
  • Thrive Quiz Builder Price & Review 2020

    Did you just read an awesome thrive quiz builder review online? Now you can easily and quickly create a quiz to engage your visitors using this amazing Quiz builder from thrive themes.

    • 1 License @ $67 [can be used for 1 website only]
    • 5 License Pack @ $97 ($335) [can be used for 5 website only]
    • 15 License Pack @ $147 ($1005) [can be used for 15 website only]

    It’s clear that one can grab the maximum in the case of 15 licenses only (without any thrive themes discount). It’s a real saving.

    Thrive Optimize Price & Review 2020

  • 1 License @ $127($134) [can be used for 1 website only]
  • 5 License Pack @ $177 ($194) [can be used for 5 website only]
  • 15 License Pack @ $247 ($294) [can be used for 15 website only]
  • Thrive Apprentice Pricing & Review 2020

    Thrive apprentice is another yet to be launched tool from Thrive Themes. Build beautiful, engaging online courses, directly on your WordPress website. Under development by the Thrive Themes team. Please keep a track of this page for more updates.

    FAQs Related To Thrive Themes

     What are Thrive Themes?

    Thrive Themes is a complete tool where you will find all the necessary themes & tools to build a conversion-optimized WordPress website.

     Is Thrive Themes FREE?

    No, Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any free subscription or trial period of their products. You can either buy their products one by one or go for the Thrive Themes membership plan to get all the tools at a 24% discounted price.

     How much is Thrive Themes?

    Thrive Themes membership will cost you only $19/month for individuals and $49/month for agencies.

    What does Thrive membership include?

    Thrive Membership will come with all the available tools of Thrive Themes like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads & many more. You have to install the Thrive Product manager and through that, you can install all these tools on your WordPress site to create a conversion-optimized website.

    How To Save Big Without Thrive Themes Discount 2020

    So, there is no doubt that the owner of thrive themes Shane is a master in WordPress. As his company has simply created all must needed plugins & themes for a WordPress blogger. You just need to stick with them and enjoy the benefits to create a highly conversion optimized affiliate site in 2019 & make money online.

    Well, Thrive themes do not offer any separate promo code or special coupon codes for any customers. But that doesn’t mean that they are stick with their pricing. If you are subscribing to their membership plan where you will get access to entire Thrive Themes products, then you will get a very good discount.

    Thrive themes do offer an official discount of 24% to everyone. But if you are looking for a thrive themes lifetime payment plan, then there is no such plan. As you have to renew thrive membership plans every year and at the time only you will get a discount.

    thrive themes review discount

    Hope now you know how to save big without any special thrive themes discount 2020. As a premium member of Thrive themes, you will get support from them through phone, forum, and blog tutorials. Do share your thoughts on your experience with any of these thrive themes products by writing a comment below and share whether you like this Thrive Themes Review or not.

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