Thrive Themes Support Review 2020: Fast Issue Resolution

Nowadays, users will find several WordPress theme companies in the market, but as the days are going, Thrive Themes is becoming one of the leading developers of top-class WordPress themes & Plugins. Although they stopped selling their themes directly and come up with a new Thrive Theme Builder. In this article, we will highlight the support facilities of Thrive Themes.

Before proceeding further, if you want to get to know about Thrive more, then read this detailed review of Thrive Themes first. We have also shared about Thrive Themes Affiliate program and how much one can earn promoting their products online.

Thrive Themes Support: How Good Is Their Customer Support?

Thrive Themes offer top-class support facilities. Users can seek help from the knowledgeable and friendly support staff at any time as they provide 24*7 support facilities. The support staffs are very responsive and always try to solve the queries of the customer within a few hours.

Users can either seek help from the support agents by raising tickets, or they can even mail their queries to the support agents for the quick response. Moreover, Thrive Themes also provides video tutorials and knowledge base from where users can find solutions for their common problems.

Last but not least, within the support forum, users will also find new training videos that are released every month and helps in increasing conversions and designing landing pages.

Therefore, it is quite evident that once users become a part of the Thrive community, they will get access to all the training modules, including the Thrive University.

How To Access Thrive Themes Support Forum

In this section of this article, we will show the obvious ways to access the support forum of Thrive Themes. Usually, there are three simple ways to access the support forum of Thrive Theme.

thrive themes support review

Therefore, all users must go through this section thoroughly so that they can access the support forums whenever needed.

  1. Whenever users purchase the full membership, they will be able to access all the products of Thrive Themes, including Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Comments, Thrive Leads, and Thrive Apprentice, etc.So as long as the full membership remains active, all users will get unlimited access to the support forum.
  2. Users can also access the support forum for one year if they purchase one or more products of Thrive Themes.Users can also access the support forum by purchasing one year of support facilities separately.

So it is quite evident that users can access the support facilities of Thrive Themes by following any of the ways mentioned above.

How to renew the support facilities of Thrive Themes

If users want to renew the support facilities after the completion of one year, he/she needs to follow any of the ways which are given below.

  1. Users can purchase any product of Thrive Themes, which starts from $59.
  2. Users can also renew the support facilities by simply purchasing the full membership of Thrive Themes, which costs $219.
  3. Users who are not satisfied with the above-mentioned methods can follow this method in which users need to separately purchase one-year of support facilities by investing $40.

So users can easily renew the support facilities of Thrive Themes by following any of the above-mentioned methods. Here is the list of Thrive Themes products that you can purchase as per your need.

Thrive Themes Products

Best For


thrive themes builder

Best Theme Builder For WordPress

Thrive Themes Themes

Best Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

thrive architect logo

Best Visual Page Builder for WordPress

Thrive Leads logo horizontal

Best Lead Generation Tool For WordPress

Thrive Quiz Builder Logo Horizontal

Best Quiz Builder Plugin For WordPress

Thrive Ultimatum Logo Horizontal

Best Scarcity Marketing Tool For WordPress

thrive comments coupon

Best WordPress Comments Plugin

Thrive Clever Widgets Logo Horizontal

Show widgets based on categories,post and tags

thrive apprentice logo

Best Online Course Creation Plugin For WordPress

Thrive Headline Optimizer Logo Horizontal

Cheap A/B Title testing

Thrive Ovation Logo Horizontal

Best Testimonial Plugin For WordPress

How to raise a Forum Support Ticket

  1. In order to raise a ticket, users need to choose the right forum for their support request. For example, if users need support for Thrive Architect, then they need to select the Thrive Architect plug-in from the forum.
  2. After selecting the proper plug-in from the forum, users will be directed to a new window from where they need to click on the “Create new support request” option present at the upper part of the current window.
  3. In this step, before opening the ticket, users should make sure that they search through the Knowledge base to see whether or not they can find a solution without needing technical help.
  4. If users cannot find the answer to the problem, then they need to select the link that indicates “I have searched, but I can’t find the answer,” which will take users to the next step.
  5. After executing the previous step, users need to create the support request by including a short title followed by an in-depth description, and finally, they should tag the ticket properly so that it can be retrieved easily.
  6. Finally, users need to enter their site details and then submit the ticket successfully so that support staff can work on it and come with a valid answer within a few hours.

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FAQs Related To Thrive Themes Support

Is it possible to renew the support facilities after one-year?

Yes, users can easily renew the support facility by either repurchasing the full membership, or they can even buy any of the Thrive Themes products to renew the support facilities. Moreover, users can also renew the support facilities by separately buying a one-year of support facility.

 In what ways can users seek help from the support staff?

Users can seek help from the support staff either by raising a ticket in which they have to explain all the issues or by emailing their problems.

Does Thrive Themes provide video tutorials and knowledgebase?

Yes, the Thrive theme provides top-class video tutorials and knowledgebase. From these video tutorials and knowledgebase, users get answers to most of their queries, and hence this is one of the main aspects of Thrive Themes support facilities.

Does Thrive Theme provide 24*7 support facilities?

Yes, Thrive Themes support staff works for 24 hrs from Monday to Sunday and always try to solve the issues within a short span of time.

Conclusion: Is Thrive Themes Worth The Price?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have highlighted all sorts of information regarding the support facilities of Thrive Themes so that users can properly seek help from the support staff if they face any issue while using Thrive Themes.

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